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  Erabco has two service and maintenance speed and wheels for all maintenance operations and reform during the warranty period and beyond Licenses No. 2154 and No. 2328 .
  There are workshops mobile maintenance during the warranty period and the post-equipped for all repairs and maintenance and buildings.
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  10th of Ramadan for Building equipment Co. (Erabco)

The company is to import all the equipment and buildings and roads all parts of the most famous factories abroad since 1984 For example

Concrete mixers capacities from 130 liters to 1000 liters diesel electricity Ward Italy.
Concrete mixers equipped with a crane and crane Ward Lebanon and domestic production
Dnabr concrete various capacities Ward France, Italy and England.
Shakers concrete pipes full 6 meters fattening 38 45 60 75 mm
Dakkakat and rollers of soil
Flip machines and cut reinforcing iron out Italy
Machine settlement Krasneh (positioning) Concrete trucks crane for gasoline - diesel - electricity - Domestic production
Top crushing Ward Italy
Asphalt and concrete saws
Trucks pending
Water pumps different sizes
Cutting machines hats
Electricity generators different capacities
Engines (diesel - electricity - gasoline - gasoline kerosene)with different sizes and global market
The company enjoys all products company Hlon diesel (909 military factory) groups (RI - lighting conditioning compressors groups Laham)
Side of the company to import all the equipment, buildings and roads, the company workshops follows:
  To compile and manufacture of concrete Mixer domestic production capacities 350 liter and 500 liter engines operate Bee (electricity - Diesel)
To compile and manufacturing Mixers concrete product of a local capacities 500 liters equipped Bakados (suspended) and crane Rafie of Concrete
To compile and manufacture of concrete Mixer domestic production capacities of 500 liters equipped Bakados only (pending)
MANUFACTURED Machine concrete bricks and all Blenders Bmonh industry concrete bricks operate motor gasoline and electricity demand
Trucks manufacturing costs (trucks legs) motor gasoline and electricity as requested by customers
MANUFACTURED suits concrete various capacities as requested by customers
MANUFACTURED Albroitat concrete all capacities as requested by customers
Do all the running rail and works Alkrital required by the company as requested by customers
Action Products of all petrol and diesel engines
Wrapped and maintenance of all types of electric motors

How that the company has service stations and maintenance of speed for all maintenance and repairs during the warranty period and beyond License No. 2154 2328

There are workshops mobile maintenance during the warranty period after Luna equipped for all repairs and maintenance and Alamrat

Some of Erabco clients:

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